If you haven’t been to the Pine Lodge Steakhouse yet, you are seriously missing out. Visit this fantastic restaurant for some of the best food the Deep Creek Lake area has to offer. Keep reading for a full guide to the Steakhouse, and our favorite dishes that will make your mouth water!

First Things First: Our Favorite Drinks!

Being in Deep Creek Lake is rustic in itself, but the environment of the Pine Lodge Steakhouse makes you feel even more immersed in nature. Sitting in a cozy lodge that resembles a log cabin might make you want a drink to feel extra warm and fuzzy.

If you’re a bloody mary fan, you’re in the right place. The lodge makes the Lake’s Best version of this Maryland classic.

For something a little different, try one of their watermelon margaritas which goes so well with a warm summer day. Their cranberry-orange mimosa is a delicious twist on this classic brunch staple, and taste extra yummy during the holiday season.

If you’re into martinis, they’ve got awesome options for you. Get the classic, or go for our personal favorite, the granny smith appletini. The pucker of this drink is evened out with a garnish of caramel sauce for a delicious surprise.

With plenty of great options on their beer and wine list and a daily Happy Hour, there’s something for everyone!

Fresh Seafood Faves

If your visiting Maryland, trying their fresh, local seafood specialties is a must. Pine Lodge has great options.

Start with their crab dip or lobster boat for decadent appetizers. Their creamy crab soup is legendary, and a great option for a chilly night at the lodge.

Great for lunch or dinner, try the crabby chicken sandwich for something different. In po’ boy style, a grilled chicken breast is topped with fresh lump crab and a drizzle of the famed crab soup. Go traditional with their Marylander sandwich, which is a crab cake sandwich at it’s finest.

For a dinner you won’t forget, get their Salmon Oscar entree, a fresh salmon fillet topped with asparagus, lump crab and crab soup.

Vegetarian Options We Love

Even though it’s a steakhouse, the Pine Lodge Steakhouse has vegetarian options everyone can enjoy. Start with the veggie potstickers, delicious spring rolls, or the french onion soup.

The beet summer salad is the perfect lunch option on a hot day. For dinner, grab their veggie burger, which is packed with delicious regional vegetables.

A Steak Lovers Paradise

While the seafood and veggie options are delicious, you simply cannot go wrong with any of the lodges steaks, their specialty. Try the chef’s steak of the week for the best cut the lodge has to offer.

Visit Pine Lodge Steakhouse Today!

Pine Lodge Steakhouse will wow you and your party, with options available for everyone. Visit us today for a meal you are guaranteed to love.

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